MOKA Kids gi
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  • MOKA Kids gi
  • MOKA Kids gi

MOKA Kids gi

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MOKA Kids gi

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MOKA Kids gi

- The jacket is made of 100% Cotton - Pearl weave 475grms

- 10 oz Twill pants

- All stress point reinforced and tripple needle stitched.

-  Felt double heavy lapel

- Rope drawstring for tighter fastening and they are easier to loosen as well

- All patchs all embroidered on the gi, so it will not be worn off.

MokaHardware Jiu Jitsu Gi size chart

Moka Gi Size chart

Size A B C D E F G
M1 114 cm 54 cm 42 cm 12 cm 27 cm 65 cm 17cm
M2 130 cm 59 cm 50 cm 13 cm 28 cm 70 cm 18 cm
M3 136 cm 64 cm 51 cm 15 cm 29 cm 77 cm 19 cm
M4 140 cm 68 cm 55 cm 16 cm 31 cm 81 cm 20 cm


A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi from MokaHardware. This BJJ gi is made ​​of top quality materials and designed by fighters. BJJ Gi is made with a focus on comfort, fit, attention to detail and durability. The creators of this BJJ gi has been training Jiu Jitsu for a long time and has always encountered the same problem, namely, fit and durability. The pants on the ​​Gi is reinforced at the knees to give them a longer life.
MOKA Kids Gi-01
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